BBIA: Beijing Business Incubation Association

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<p>Beijing Business Incubation Association is an association initiated and established voluntarily and jointly by business incubation organizations, consulting service organizations, investment and financing organizations, scientific research institutes and high-tech enterprises. It is a non-profit mass organization as legal person approved by and registered with the body for the management of registration of mass organizations in Beijing.</p>

The purposes of the Beijing Business Incubation Association are: to strengthen the links of various business incubators with scientific research institutes, intermediary service organizations, venture capital organizations and others; by coordinating with all the related sides, conducting various training courses and providing information service, to enhance the incubating capability of various business incubators in the capital city and bring about the transformation of achievements of scientific research; to incubate and nurture business starters and newly-established small high-tech enterprises to give full play to their potentials so as to promote the development of the new- and high-tech industry in the capital city.


Beijing Business Incubation Association is an open-type social organization oriented towards the whole society. Beijing Business Incubation Association adopts the system of memberships. Members are divided into unit members and individual members. The assembly of members is the highest organ of authority of the Association. Members of the Council represent various incubation organizations, scientific research institutes, investment and financing organizations, intermediary agencies and new- and high-tech enterprises.

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