Barcelonactiva: for a future oriented city

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<p>Barcelona Activa promotes quality and future oriented employment and businesses through seven activity lines included in its Action Plan.Created in 1986, this municipal company was born as a business incubator with 16 projects installed.  Today, Barcelona Activa has become a local and international reference in the support for entrepreneurs, innovation, professional improvement and creation of employment.</p>

Barcelona Activa offers responses to the more than 100,000 participants who annually come to its premises, coaching more than 1,000 new projects a year, with more than 115 companies installed in its Business Incubator and Technology Park, more than 30,000 participants have received attention in Porta 22, around 50,000 participants have entered the world of new technologies in the Cybernarium, while more than 1,000 unemployed have been contracted to learn a trade while working.


To spread entrepreneurship and coach entrepreneurs to take the step from the business idea to the creation of their own business.


To facilitate the future of recently created businesses by generating cooperation networks and contributing to the improvement of their competitiveness.

Human Capital

To increase the professional opportunities that the new work cultures, new occupations, and the emerging economic sectors bring with them.


To adapt the professional profiles of the people looking for work or wanting to improve their occupation, and to foster labour inclusion of those collectives with greatest difficulties, by responding to the needs of the companies.


To turn the new technologies and their applications into a professional development tool for people and companies.

Barcelona Activa

Llacuna, 162 – 164

08018 Barcelona

+34 934 019 777

Barcelona Activa
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