ARlab: Augmented Reality, geolocalization and movement recognition

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<p>ARlab is the first Spanish company owner of Augmented Reality technology with projection and product portfolio based on Augmented Reality, geolocalization, image and movement recognition, which makes it the first Think Tank of this technology in Spain. Science, technology, research and business with a high component of technological innovation.</p>

ARlab has two development offices at Haifa (Israel) and Toledo (Spain) and an international operations center in Madrid.

ARlab was born after a hard research-and-development project of a yet unknown in the world platform in which image recognition, geolocalization, orientation, inclination, and speed are combined with Augmented Reality in order to generate new social and commercial services of high added value in any type of device.

On the one hand the reference technologies are grouped together with a practical approach to develop sector solutions with a set aim to generate a high impact in our clients’ business, and on the other hand we offer the community of developers of these technologies the suitable environment for the creation of highly competitive products in a specialized work environment.


AR engine and SDK provides: – Real time Image Recognition and Tracking. – Instant Cloud image recognition. – Face Detection, Tracking and Recognition. – Motion and gesture recognition. – 3D render engine. – Exporters for 3D design software. – AR geolocation view.



Valentín Beato, 22. 2ª P

Madrid- SPAIN 28037


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