APSTI: the italian national network of scientific and technological parks

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<p>APSTI – Associazione Parchi Scientifici e Tecnologici Italiani is the national network of scientific and technological parks. The majority of PSTs are members  (31 members) accounting for virtually all of the Italian regions, with the aim of supporting economic development through innovation.</p>

The objective of the Association is to work in such a way that these infrastructures are increasingly characterised as INTEGRATORS between the companies’ need for innovative growth, especially small- and very small-sized businesses, and the wealth of knowledge embodied by the Centres of Technological and Scientific Excellence, Universities and Research Centres. This can be done by creating systems to network the functions of the many subjects who interact in the field of innovation and the transfer of technology.

APSTI is committed to promoting the substantial wealth of scientific, technological and organisational expertise embodied by the parks, so that its content can be shared and used by the network in order to raise the level of competitiveness of business systems and local communities.

The network is strengthened and qualified by the work of Commissions, composed of experts from the Parks, who deal with the various sectors and general issues in order to:


Systematically promote instruments and policies in support and for the qualification of projects for the development of high-tech business systems; 

Boost and support the innovative evolution of the productive sectors that have a strategic value, which together can give new competitiveness to the national economic system. 


Ease the birth and development of new high-tech companies through an integrated incubator system.




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