Albacete Science and Technology Park: to develop the creation of a culture of entrepreneurs

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<p>The project of Albacete Science and Technology Park in Albacete emerged at the end of the year 2001 when the Foundation Albacete of Science and Technology Park was created, sponsored by the Regional Council, the Regional University, the Town Hall and the Albacete Provincial Council. This enterprise has got a high regional character, and has been strongly fostered by the Regional Council of Castilla-La Mancha through the Regional Committee of Science and Technology.</p>


It starts with the aim of fostering the creation of an area that collects innovative enterprises to develop the creation of a culture of entrepreneurs. This will improve the competitiveness of our work of companies. In order to do this, we aim to attract all kinds of innovative enterprises and projects both at a regional level and outside the region.
The support of the University of Castilla-La Mancha for the Park is translated in the scientific support through a team of high qualified researches and professionals, which is essential for the correct development of this ambitious initiative of regional development.
Its location in Albacete, largest town in the Region, offers a privileged place on a communication level and also a wide industrial development and dynamism. These are essential elements for the success of the project. For this it relies on the valuable help of the Town Hall and the Provincial Council of Albacete.
The Park of Science and Technology Foundation of Castilla-La Mancha in Albacete is a model of a Park which is able to become the promoter of the innovation processes and enterprises. Within it, companies and research and technological development centres alongside the University of Castilla-La Mancha will give way to a new economical area, the effects of which will directly influence the modernisation of the productive network of Castilla-La Mancha and will allow it to take part successfully in the new challenges that the Society of Information poses.
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