Agrifuturo: improving Mozambique’s agricultural sector

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<p>Agrifuturo is a project aimed towards improving Mozambique’s agricultural sector. The project’s goal is to increase Mozambique’s private sector competitiveness by strengthening targeted agricultural value chains.</p>

AgriFUTURO will build on market demand assessments conducted for each value chain. These assessments will identify the constraints to provide sector response to supplying demand. Based on the constraints analysis, AgriFUTURO, will work with participants along the entire value chain to improve sector’s ability to increase income and market efficiency.


AgriFUTURO selected nine value chains that have the greatest potential to increase the long-term competitiveness of Mozambique’s agricultural businesses. All of the nine selected commodities face growing demand in markets that are accessible to Mozambican producers.

For most of the selected value chains, the growing economies of the Middle East and Asia present lucrative markets with rapidly growing demand that could be satisfied by Mozambican products. These conditions offer new opportunities for Mozambique to expand its production and export of these products.


The Mozambique Competitiveness and Agribusiness Program (AgriFUTURO) works to increase Mozambique’s private sector competitiveness by strengthening targeted agricultural value chains.

AgriFUTURO will focus on value chain development as a means of creating incentives to improve the enabling environment and expand and strengthen business development services. It will build linkages between agribusinesses and financial services providers, and increase and strengthen public/private partnerships. The technical program is led by an all Mozambican team, maximizing local capacity and drawing from deep country experience in the sector


Specially, the program will:

– Increase the use of services provided by the local private sector while decreasing reliance on donor-sponsored business development services;

– Use value chain development activities as a vehicle to drive policy reform and meet market demand through expanded trade;
– Expand access to financial services for AgriFUTURO-assisted agribusinesses, enhancing the flow of private investment to competitive value chains to promote growth in the agricultural sector;
– Develop incentives and mechanisms that will encourage entrenched interests to support change. The program will help establish integrated value chain associations that include stakeholders from all levels and strengthen the ability of agribusinesses to meet global market demand;
– The program will target high-potential agricultural value chains. The selected nine initial value chains are bananas, pineapples, mangos, maize, soybeans, sesame, groundnuts, cashews and forestry.


1. Improving the enabling environment or agribusiness through policy reform;

2. Expanding and strengthening agribusiness development services;

3. Building linkages to financial services for agribusiness development;

4. Increasing and strengthening public/private partnerships.

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Originally Published 2012-02-20

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