Aggie Peterson: Army of Mother’s Babylounge

In Arts and Culture

<p>Imagine your baby being wrapped in soothing sounds from mothers from all around world as she explores the strange and changing texture of the floor, or is totally preoccupied with the shimmering dewdrops floating in the air. Well, you don’t have to create this image, you can just bring your baby (0-18 months) at Insomnia Festival (Tromso, Norway), come and experience this wonderful world together.</p>

Artist Aggie Peterson is a renowned music-maker on the Norwegian electronic scene (Frost, Femme Digitale), a composer, producer, singer and a mother. During Insomnia 2011 she invites you to an art-installation that combines sounds and objects,  especially made to be explored by babies.


Vernisage 22nd October 13.00 at Tromsø Kunstforening. With milk and cookies for your kids !

Opening hours: 12.00-17.00

Opening period: 22.10 – 13.11 2011


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