EBN Congress: Lappeenranta hub of EU-Russia Innovation

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<p>BIC Lappeenranta Innovation (Finland) is the host of the 21<sup>st</sup> Annual Congress of EBN in June 2012. Lappeenranta is located just on the border between the European Union and Russia. From 13th to 15th June 2012!</p>

The city is a home for many innovative companies operating in energy, forest industry or ICT sectors and especially for those doing business with Russia. With an international airport, three border crossing points and an own representation office in St. Petersburg, the city is a hub of EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation.  


The 21st EBN Annual Congress in 2012 will be combined with the 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum. The main focus of the congress on 2012 will be on the internationalization of innovative businesses where special attention will be given to cooperation between innovation supporters and innovative SME’s from Europe and Russia. The 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum will be arranged just before the EBN Congress and the program of these two events will be partly common. Combining the EBN Congress and the 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum will make the event truly European and an interesting meeting point of the EU and Russia.

The participants will further benefit from the EU-Russia cooperation program and Matchmaking sessions with Russian companies. Around 720 participants joined the 2nd EU-Russia Innovation Forum, held in Lappeenranta on 25-26 May 2011. The EU-Russia Innovation Forum brings together more than 125 companies focused primarily on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Information & Communication Technologies and Health & Pharma. This joint event will provided a good platform for companies to meet potential business partners and obtain valuable information on starting new businesses with foreign partners.



Furthermore, Lappeenranta is easily reached through airBaltic’s & Ryanair’s direct flights to the international airport right at the center of the city. The delegates are invited to take part in the activities and experiences beyond the Congress in the lovely Lake Saimaa. Holiday Club Saimaa, the largest holiday resort in the Nordic countries, offers comfortable venues for both business and pleasure.


Combine with your trip also a visit to the Russian side of the border – the capital of the Baltic Sea – St. Petersburg is just 1, 5 hours train trip from Lappeenranta and the historical city of Vyborg can be visited with a visa free boat trip via Saimaa channel.


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