Introduction to net art

Alexei Shulgin & Natalie Bookchin’s “Introduction to” served as a self aware, tongue-in-cheek manifesto for the scene of the 90’s. Alexei Shulgin & Natalie Bookchin’s “Introduction to” served as a self aware, tongue-in-cheek manifesto for the scene of the 90’s.

Augmented Reality trends in the future markets

Augmented Reality has existed as a diverse market for more than 15 years, with customized applications in industrial automation, theme parks, sports television, military displays, and online marketing.



Mobile Industries: Jetro presents 11 exciting Japanese companies

11 promising Japanese companies from the mobile applications sector presented by Jetro the Japan External Trade Organization. JETRO is an independent agency of the Japanese Government created to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

22@ Barcelona: an urban regeneration and innovation precinct

Barcelona 22@ is one of the world’s leading projects in urban regeneration and the creative knowledge economy. Its creation has been part of a deliberate and city-wide strategy to invest in the city, and the region’s capabilities for innovation and unlocking investment and jobs from new digital economy investments.

CRS4: centre for advanced studies, research and development in Sardinia

The company pursues scientific research and technology development and innovation, delivers further scientific and technical education and training, and provides advanced services in the sectors of high-performance computing, scientific imaging, simulation, modelling, bioinformatics and ICTs in general.


Patrycja Wegrzynowicz: visionary code for software complex systems

Patrycja Wegrzynowicz is a software visionary and expert specializing in automated software engineering (particularly code analysis techniques), patterns and anti-patterns in software, and language semantics.

The sonochromatism of Neil Harbisson: the cyborg artist

Neil Harbisson (27 July 1982) is a British-Catalan cyborg artist, musician and performer best known for his self-extended ability to hear colors.


The best airplane in the world comes from the apulian aerospace district

After obtaining the tough German certification and the growing interest of the worldwide press, for the Blackshape Spa comes one of the most coveted awards: the Flieger Magazine Award for best airplane in the world in 2013 (Ultralight Category).

A special tissue made in Italy for psoriasis sufferers

An Italian company has come up with a tissue specially designed to give relief to those suffering from psoriasis. It is neither a cure nor a solution, but it does aim to improve the quality of life of all those who suffer from psoriasis but experience discomfort with traditional fibres.

Swapps: how the social web can help the collaborative democracy

Swapps (Social Web Applications) enable the citizen approach in his virtual community within the context of community and collaborative model.

Smau: an innovative vision for the italian ICT sector

Smau Milan is the most important Italian event dedicated to Information&Communication Technology.

Deriva Cat: the alternate reality reporter

Deriva Cat is a virtual character controlled by an artificial intelligence, developed in a cross-media way. She is represented by an avatar generated by a motion capture system controlled by a performer who interacts in real time with the guests and the web networks.

Mobile market information systems (MIS) for farmers in emerging markets: requirements for success

Over the past few years many services have been created that give farmers in emerging markets access to market information directly through their mobile phone.

Cloud Computing Trends: NoSQL and PaaS

NoSQL and PaaS, are two trending topics in the Cloud Computing scenario.

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